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China Intellectual Property Index Q2 2016
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China Intellectual Property Index — Q2 2016

The number of granted China to U.S. patents increased 21% and the number of published China to U.S. patent applications increased 14%.

The number of registered China to U.S. trademarks increased 19% and the number of new China to U.S. trademark applications increased 60%.

Overall the China Intellectual Property Index increased 32% from the previous quarter and 68% from the year before.

New trademark applications provide the most current indicator of intellectual property activity. The 60% increase in new applications, indicates huge growth in Chinese investment in U.S. intellectual property. The number of new applications increased 43% over the saem quarter last year.


The China Intellectual Property Index is intended as a broad measure of intellectual property activity in the United States of America that at least partially originates from China. The Index tracks U.S. patent and trademark records that are filed by inventors, applicants and owners from the People’s Republic of China. The Index includes granted patents, published patent applications, registered  trademarks and new trademark applications that have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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