Selected Drone Trademark Registrations

Drone Trademarks July 2015

Reg. No. 4770874

The following drone trademarks were registered in July 2015:

 Reg. Number  Word Mark  Owner
 4783294  LILY  Lily Robotics, Inc.
 4776838  AUTONOMETRICS  Autonometrics LLC
 4771932  MICROPILOT  MicroPilot, Inc.
 4768797  CARAOK  Shenzhen ZY Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd.
 4767246  SUPERQUAD  Steven J. Klindworth
 4767245  MAXCOPTER  Steven J. Klindworth
 4769606  TERRADRONE  Steven J. Klindworth
 4779472  LAITOVO  Anatoly Lvovich Grigoryev
 4770874  DECKFINDER  Airbus DS GmbH
 4777359  MAGPIE  Sensurion, Inc.

Selected Drone Trademark Applications

The following drone trademark applications were filed in July 2015:

Drone Trademarks July 2015

Serial No. 86686795

 Serial Number  Word Mark  Owner
 86711425  WORKBIRDS  WorkBirds LLC
 86710980  SPREADING WINGS  SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.
 86710582  DROBO  Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
 86710565  XPLORER  Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd.
 86705045  MULTIONE  Future Power LLC
 86708484  GAME OF DRONES  Kismet Media Group LLC
 86707947  MY NAME IS DRONE  Sky Services, LLC
 86707057  EAGLE WATCH  U.S. Security Associates, Inc.
 86705616  UAVIONIX  uAvionix Inc.
 86705574  PING  uAvionix Inc.

Drone Trademarks July 2015 — Definitions

Drone trademark applications are applications that have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and that are related to drone products and services. As we use it here, the term “drone” includes any autonomous vehicle. Once a trademark application has been examined and approved and all requirements and formalities have been satisfied, it becomes a registered trademark. Please let us know if we have missed any important trademarks.

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