Selected Drone Trademark Registrations

Drone Trademarks

U.S. Reg. No. 4972616

The following drone trademarks were registered in June 2016:

 4988132  WALKERA  Guanzhou Walkera Technology Co., Ltd.
 4988130  DEVENTION  Guanzhou Walkera Technology Co., Ltd.
 4987828  FB DRONES  The Fotobox LLC
 4987689  INTERDRONE  BZ Media LLC
 4987640  BZ MEDIA  BZ Media LLC
 4987411  QUADPAD  Vila Aerial Solutions, LLC
 4986399  DEEP OCEAN ENGINEERING  Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc.
 4989733  DRONESMITH  DRONESMITH Technologies, Inc.
 4982111  ABOOM  Feng, Li
 4981402  YARD MAGIQ  Burdoucci, Romello J

Selected Drone Trademark Applications

Drone Trademarks

U.S. Serial No. 87062227

The following drone trademark applications were filed in June 2016:

 87089782  DRONR  Swarz, Justin
 87088518  AIRFENCE  Haroun, Kaveh
 87088105  DroneKnows LLC
 87086752  Satelytics, Inc.
 87085682  MYSTERYSTONE  Shenzhen Huixinda Technology Co., Ltd.
 87085042  ULTRA  Mota Group, Inc.
 87084921  SKYSPECS  Skyspecs, Inc.
 87084387  PRECISION ANALYTICS  Kotula, Henry
 87083165  BEAVERWORKS AMERICA  Joseph Green
 87082637  DYS  Cheng, Qi Ping

Drone Trademarks — Definitions

As we use the term here, a “drone” is a vehicle that does not have an on-board human operator. Most drones have some degree of autonomous operation. At least some aspect of a drone’s operation is controlled internally. This requires a computer and software. Vehicles that require a human to control every aspect of operation, such as a hobbyist’s remote controlled airplane, are generally not considered drones.

Most drones use a mixture of autonomous and human control. For example, a drone may have the ability to automatically stabilize itself by adjusting control elements and power settings, but a person is needed to tell the drone where to go.

Aerial drones are known by many different names and acronyms.  Here are the most popular:

  • Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Unmanned Aircraft (UA)
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
  • Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV)

Drone trademark applications are applications that have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and that are related to drone products or services. Once a trademark application has been examined and all formalities have been satisfied, the Trademark Office registers the trademark.

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