Selected Drone Trademark Registrations

Drone Trademarks

U.S. Reg. No. 4821380

The following drone trademarks were registered in September 2015:

 Reg. Number  Word Mark  Owner
 4821946  DRIDIOT OF THE MONTH  Hanscom, Eric A.
 4821900  A M  Aerial MOB, LLC
 4821380  DRONE ZONE  Hanscom, Eric A.
 4824088  DRONE DETECTOR  Drone Labs, LLC
 4821044  POWERING YOUR FUTURE  Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Corp.
 4820951  BEBOP.DRONE  Parrot société anonyme (sa) FRANCE
 4817384  SWIFTMILE  Swiftmile, Inc.
 4819103  DRONE MAPPER  TuffWing, LLC
 4811926  ARCH AERIAL  Arch Aerial, LLC

Selected Drone Trademark Applications

Drone Trademarks

U.S. Serial No. 86749589

The following drone trademark applications were filed in September 2015:

 Serial Number  Word Mark  Owner
 86751961  SNAPDRAGON FLIGHT  Qualcomm Incorporated
 86755034  AGRICULTURE DRONE ASSOCIATION  Malveaux, Charles
 86773578  IMAGINATION AERIALS  Imagination Aerials, LLC
 86773231  DVS Certified  Stampede Presentation Products, Inc.
 86773226  DVS  Stampede Presentation Products, Inc.
 86773202  DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS  Stampede Presentation Products, Inc.
 86773955  AIRMAGEDDON  DHX Worldwide LLC
 86770087  INNOVA FLIGHT  Innova Flight, LLC.
 86773041  Shenzhen Redfox Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Drone Trademarks — Definitions

Drone trademark applications are applications that have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and that are related to drone products and services. As we use it here, the term “drone” includes any autonomous vehicle. Once a trademark application has been examined and approved and all requirements and formalities have been satisfied, it becomes a registered trademark. Please let us know if we have missed any important trademarks.

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