Nevada Trademark Index July 2014

Nevada Trademark Index July 2014
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Nevada Trademark Index July 2014

The number of Nevada trademark applications filed in July decreased 14% to 367 . This is a 7% decrease from July 2013.

This is the third straight month of decline, perhaps indicating a decrease in business activity. However, applications are still well above the lowest point in the last 12 months, which was in November 2013.

The number of Nevada trademarks that were registered in July increased 28% to 227. This is a 3% increase from July 2013.

Select Trademarks are listed below

Reg. Number Word Mark Owner
4575993 POWERHOUSE ALLEY Caesars License Company, LLC
4575831 EAST MEET EAST East Meet East, Inc.
4575726 JAVELIN Polimeni Jr., Ralph F.
4575672 CASTINGCOUCH-X.COM AMA Multimedia, LLC
4575587 BOURNE LOGISTICS Bourne Logistics Marketing, Ltd.
4575538 CLUB PLUG Club Plug Ltd.
4575515 APPN’WIRE App Code Source, LLC
4575430 VEGASBUILT Starters Group, LLC
4577636 MUNNI Munni, LLC
4571144 FAMILY SAFE HOMES Baby Safe Homes Franchise, Corp.


Nevada Trademark Index July 2014

U.S. Reg. #4571144


A Nevada trademark application is an application that has been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and that is owned by an entity that has a Nevada address. Once a Nevada trademark application has been examined and approved and all requirements have been satisfied, it becomes a Nevada registered trademark.

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