Selected U.S. Trademarks from China

U.S. Trademarks from China

U.S. Reg. No. 4968498

The following U.S. trademarks with Chinese origins were registered in May 2016:

Reg. No. Word Mark Owner
4953047  OVALBUY  pop style international limited
4968068  WEOFFERWHATYOUWANT  www Limited
4950514  AFTERPARTZ  Sainstore Inc.
4953843  NIOBOMO  BoMan Textiles Science and Technology Nantong Co., Ltd.
4959837  COMEHERE  Luo, Diana
4957416  FASHION PLUS  Li, Jingxu
4964724  PERSONAPHI  Persona Limited
4964363  CAMPUS LIFE  Persona Limited
4952911  BLOOMING JELLY  Shenzhen Bu Ming Jue Li Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.
4956052  MANWAN WALK  Feilon, Mo. Pingbiao, Lin. Yang, Zhao

Selected U.S. Trademark Applications from China

U.S. Trademarks from China

U.S. Serial No. 87042397

The following U.S. Trademark Applications with Chinese origins were filed in May 2016:

Serial No. Word Mark Applicant
87055733  HIWAY  Chen Yao
87046203  FOXANON  Shenzhen KingTop Inventory Development Co., Ltd.
87044285  JJC  Dong, Jinyou
87042947  PFLOAT  Chen Yu
87042563  MO ZHENG  Chen Yonghuang
87036352  DAJEWELALA  Zou, Heng
87035532  ARESH  Wei Shudong
87027002  SENHUAN  Chen Yonghuang
87027001  YANCHENG  Chen Yonghuang
87020870  HAOYOUDUO  Cheng Tai

U.S. Trademarks from China — Definitions

U.S. Trademarks from China are trademark applications that have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that list an owner with an address in the People’s Republic of China. Once an application is examined and approved and all fees and formalities have been satisfied, the Trademark Office registers the trademark.

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