Virtual Currency Trademark Registrations

Virtual Currency Trademarks

US. Reg. No. 4912097

The following virtual currency trademarks were registered in March 2016:

 Reg. Number  Word Mark  Owner
 4925739  TILGENT  Ocean Capital Management Group
 4921353  P  Pushpay IP ltd.
 4917128  A.I.  AI COIN INC.
 4917124  S  Shuflr Ltd.
 4917122  SHUFLR  Shuflr Ltd.
 4915058  WYRET  Timchuk, Denis
 4912097  B BITRUSH  Bitrush LLC
 4909290  FOREX 333  Dzmura, Jiri

Virtual Currency Trademark Applications

Virtual Currency Trademarks

US. Serial No. 86928584

The following virtual currency trademark applications were filed in March 2016:

Serial Number Word Mark Owner
 86959212  GALACTIC FEDERATION  O’Neill, John
 86941442  SAFESEND  Bank of American Corp.
 86958964  CARECOIN  Valpro Health Inc.
 86958785  SKRY  Coinalytics Co.
 86957731  WORLD PESA  Softiva Corp.
 86952889  STEEM  Steemit, Inc.
 86946729  GINGOOD  Zhiqiang Gao
 86942343  TRADEBLOCK  Schvey, Inc.
 86941167  ELLIPTIC  Elliptic Enterprises LLC
 86928584  ROBLOX  Roblox Corporation

Virtual Currency Trademarks — Definitions

As we use it here, “virtual currencies” include digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and other innovative electronic currencies, such as Bitcoin, Darkcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Mastercoin, Namecoin, NXT, Peercoin, Ripple.

We track trademarks applications that have been filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeOnce a trademark application has been examined and approved by the Trademark Office and all requirements have been satisfied, it becomes a registered trademark.

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