Selected Virtual Currency Trademark Registrations

Virtual Currency Trademarks

U.S. Reg. No. 4830063

The following virtual currency trademarks were registered in October 2015:

 Reg. Number  Word Mark  Owner
 4828128  SKYLANDERS TRAP TEAM  Activision Publishing, Inc.
 4840023  THE BIT  Grayscale Investments, LLC
 4838117  RIVETZ  Rivetz Corp.
 4831580  DEETECK  Guangzhou Ruiyi information technology co., LTD
 4830063  SECURICOIN  Coinsetter, Inc.
 4827878  POST CLICK ENGAGEMENT  Jebbit, Inc.
 4839107  GIVING VOICE TO THE WORLD  Terepac Corporation

Selected Virtual Currency Trademark Applications

Virtual Currency Trademarks

U.S. Serial No. 86805836

The following virtual currency trademark applications were filed in October 2015:

 Serial Number  Word Mark  Owner
 86805346  G  GagaGugu, Inc.
 86804885  NO PAYMENTS  facepay, inc.
 86801555  BITARS  Bitpagos, Inc.
 86801432  REWARDED MOMENTS, Inc.
 86781474  AREKAR  Tan Qing
 86798459  OPPA DOLLARS  Oppa Inc.
 86797707  Cryex Group AB
 86792353  M MO 1 0  Mobile Money Corp.

Virtual Currency Trademarks — Definitions

As we use it here, “virtual currencies” include digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and other innovative electronic currencies. Virtual currencies may include Bitcoin, Darkcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Mastercoin, Namecoin, NXT, Peercoin, Ripple, etc.

We track trademarks applications that have been filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeOnce a trademark application has been examined and approved by the Trademark Office and all requirements have been satisfied, it becomes a registered trademark.

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