Drone Patent Index March 2014

Drone Patent Index March 2014
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Drone Patent Index March 2014

15 drone patents were granted in March . This a decrease of 3 from February.

40 drone patent application were published in March. This is an increase of 10 from February.

Drone Patents Granted

These are the patents that were granted.

1 8682521 Unpredictable vehicle navigation
2 8677920 Underwater vehicle
3 8677878 Thermal management of a propulsion circuit in an electromagnetic munition launcher
4 8677876 4D simultaneous robotic containment with recoil
5 8676503 System for determining and controlling inertial attitude, for navigation, and for pointing and/or tracking for an artificial satellite employing and optical sensor and a counter-rotational optical mirror, and terrestrial-based testing system for assessing inertial attitude functions of an artificial satellite
6 8676466 Fail-safe speed profiles for cooperative autonomous vehicles
7 8676430 Controlling a vehicle having inadequate map data
8 8676427 Controlling Autonomous vehicle using audio data
9 8676406 Unmanned aerial vehicle control using a gamepad
10 8670892 Unmanned trackless order picking forklift system
11 8670891 User interface for displaying internal state of autonomous driving system
12 8669504 Hand launchable unmanned aerial vehicle
13 8666544 System and method for area coverage using sector decomposition
14 8662441 Unmanned aerial vehicle launch system
15 8662438 Navigation electronic card support for a rotary wing drone

Drone Patent Index March 2014

U.S. Patent Number 8,682,521


This index includes patents and patent applications that appear to be substantially related to and intended for use with drones. Since drones use a very wide range of technologies (please see our drone technology article), we do not attempt to include every patent or application that could be applied to drones.

Please let us know if we have missed any important patents.

As we use it here, the term “drone” includes any autonomous vehicle.

The index includes patent applications that have been published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Although most applications are published, a small percentage (about 7% nation wide) are not published for various reasons. Patent applications are generally published 18 months after the first priority date of the application. Published applications have not necessarily been examined and some applications will be abandoned after publication.

The index also includes patents that are granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Once a patent application has been examined and approved and all fees and formalities have been satisfied, the Patent Office grants a patent.

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