Drone Patent Index October 2014

Drone Patent Index October 2014
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Drone Patent Index October 2014

27 drone patents were granted in October. This is a 23% decrease from September and a 7% decrease from the year before.

51 drone patent application were published in October. This is a 2% decrease from September and 82% increase from the year before.

Selected Drone Patents

Pat.# Title Assignee
8874372 Object detection and classification for autonomous vehicles Google Inc.
8874360 Autonomous vehicle and method for coordinating the paths of multiple autonomous vehicles Proxy Technologies Inc.
8874301 Autonomous vehicle with driver presence and physiological monitoring Ford Global Technologies, LLC
8874283 Drone for inspection of enclosed space and method thereof United Dynamics Advanced Technologies Corporation
8874282 Model vehicle remote control system None
8874267 Avoiding blind spots of other vehicles Google Inc.
8873837 Image-based crack detection University of Southern California



Drone Patent Index October 2014

U.S. Patent Number 8,868,256


We try to limit the Drone Patent Index to patents and patent applications that appear to be substantially related to and intended for use with drones. Since drones use a very wide range of technologies (please see our drone technology article), we do not attempt to include every patent or application that could be applied to drones. As we use it here, the term “drone” includes any autonomous vehicle.

Please let us know if we have missed any important patents.

Drone patent applications are applications that have been filed with and published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Although most applications are published, a small percentage (about 7% nation wide) are not published for various reasons. Patent applications are generally published 18 months after the first priority date of the application. Published applications have not necessarily been examined and some applications will be abandoned after publication. Once an application is examined and approved and all fees and formalities have been satisfied, the Patent Office grants a patent.

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