I am a Nevada patent attorney. I serve businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs throughout the State of Nevada. I also serve clients throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

Nevada Patent Attorney

As a fully licensed Nevada patent attorney I specialize in patent law and I can help you with any issue related to patents:

  • preparing and filing patent applications
  • prosecuting patent applications through the complex examination process in the Patent Office
  • representing parties in all proceedings in the Patent Office
  • providing legal opinions regarding patents, such as patentability and infringement/non-infringement opinions
  • representing parties in patent litigation, such as patent enforcement and defense
  • negotiating and drafting patent transactions, such as license agreements and assignment agreements
  • conducting patent due diligence
  • maintaining and managing patent portfolios

I hold degrees in engineering, management and law. This educational background helps me understand the technical, business and legal issues that my clients face.

I frequently lecture at the University of Nevada in patent law. I am also a past president of the Nevada Technology Counsel and chairman of the Nevada Inventor of the Year Committee.

I have lived in Nevada for over twenty years. I know the legal, business and entrepreneurial environment in the State. Nevada offers many advantages to businesses, but there are many challenges as well. I can help you make the most of the advantages and navigate through the challenges.

I have helped solo inventors build very large and successful businesses. I have also helped large corporations build, protect and maximize the value of their patent portfolios.

If you are thinking of applying for a patent or are dealing with any sort of patent issue, we would like to talk with you. Please call our office to discuss your situation.

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